Jeep: Installed Tuffy Underseat Security Drawer & Steering Wheel Cover

Tuffy Underseat Security Drawer
I installed the Tuffy Conceal Carry Underseat Security Drawer & also a Steering Wheel Cover in my 2-Door Jeep. The Steering Wheel Cover was impossible for me to stretch on. So I stuck in the oven for a couple minutes to heat it up. It then went on super easy.

If you ever took off your front seats before, then you will have no probs installing the Tuffy Security Drawer. You just pop it underneath and use the same bolts. I however never took my seats off before. It took me a while to get the bolts off, they were tight as hell. If you can get them off with a regular small ratchet set then you are one strong Mofo. I switch to a wrench that had a 15″ handle for leverage and after sweating my ass off, I finally got all the bolts off. After that, like I said you just pop it underneath and tighten. The drawer is top quality. it open extremely smooth and it long. I’d prefer it it was a little shorter to hide underneath more, but I’m satisfied.

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