Jeep Mods: Rugged Ridge Modular Bumper & Rear Light Guards

Jeep Mods: Rugged Ridge Bumper

I decided to add a new section to my blog for Jeep Mods. I had a 2 Door Wrangler for a while now, but I’m having a kid in a few months. So, I need a 4 door. So I thought, why not another wrangler. So, I bought a blue 4 door Rubicon yesterday. Now I have to start hooking it up with mods. My plan is to always have the top off and maybe the doors off of my 2-door jeep. Then have it as my toy for errands. My 4 door will most likely always have the top on and the baby seat inside. So far the mods I did were put in the Rugged Ridge Modular Bumper and also the Rugged Ridge Tail Light Guards. The rear guards only took me a few minutes to put on. The bumper took me a few hours. I wasted a lot of time trying to get off the plastic screws used on the factory bumper.

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