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Bestop Locking Under Seat Storage Box

jeep bestop drawer

I installed the Bestop Locking Under Seat Storage Box in my 4DR jeep. I have the similar Tuffy Conceal Carry Underseat Security Drawer installed in my 2DR jeep. I wrote about is on this post. Taking the screws off my 4DR jeep was a million times easier than the 2DR. The screws weren’t nearly as tight. There was 1 thing I had to do during this install that wasn’t in the instructions. In my jeep I had to take off a metal bracket underneath my seat that was holding on some wiring (in the photo above). Once I got that out, I just popped the box in and bolted down. Very easy install. The wires were now lose underneath. I just duct taped to the top of the box. This box is smaller than the Tuffy. The Tuffy is a better quality, so if you’re going to put something real important like a gun in it, then get the Tuffy. For me is was just as good though, I’m not putting anything extremely important in it. It costs a lot less too.


Jeep: Rampage Products Hood Lock Review

Rampage Products Hood Lock

I installed the Rampage Products Locking Hood Catch Set on both my jeeps and had problems with both. The manufaturing of these are not very good. The first pair had a good set and another set that was not threaded right. The nut would not spin on the bolt correctly, but after tons of hard work it went on. The nut was actually postitioning the thread on the bolt differently with each turn. Then I went to install them on my second jeep. I had the same exact problem with one good set and one set not threaded correctly. However this time it caused me to scratch the paint off my jeep, as you see above. I had to push so hard that the metal dug into my jeep. They have some rubber in between the metal and the paint, but the rubber is not long enough to reach the bottom. Another problem with the Rampage Products hood locks are the keys. I don’t know if they make the exact same for all their locks, but I can tell you they sent me 4 locking mechinisms and 8 keys, and all 8 keys were exactly the same. Any key could open and locks on both my jeeps. So, in conclusion they don’t seem to vary their keys and I now have to go put touch up paint on my new 2012 Jeep. I’m not very happy.


Jeep: Installed Tuffy Underseat Security Drawer & Steering Wheel Cover

Tuffy Underseat Security Drawer
I installed the Tuffy Conceal Carry Underseat Security Drawer & also a Steering Wheel Cover in my 2-Door Jeep. The Steering Wheel Cover was impossible for me to stretch on. So I stuck in the oven for a couple minutes to heat it up. It then went on super easy.

If you ever took off your front seats before, then you will have no probs installing the Tuffy Security Drawer. You just pop it underneath and use the same bolts. I however never took my seats off before. It took me a while to get the bolts off, they were tight as hell. If you can get them off with a regular small ratchet set then you are one strong Mofo. I switch to a wrench that had a 15″ handle for leverage and after sweating my ass off, I finally got all the bolts off. After that, like I said you just pop it underneath and tighten. The drawer is top quality. it open extremely smooth and it long. I’d prefer it it was a little shorter to hide underneath more, but I’m satisfied.


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