Bestop Locking Under Seat Storage Box

jeep bestop drawer

I installed the Bestop Locking Under Seat Storage Box in my 4DR jeep. I have the similar Tuffy Conceal Carry Underseat Security Drawer installed in my 2DR jeep. I wrote about is on this post. Taking the screws off my 4DR jeep was a million times easier than the 2DR. The screws weren’t nearly as tight. There was 1 thing I had to do during this install that wasn’t in the instructions. In my jeep I had to take off a metal bracket underneath my seat that was holding on some wiring (in the photo above). Once I got that out, I just popped the box in and bolted down. Very easy install. The wires were now lose underneath. I just duct taped to the top of the box. This box is smaller than the Tuffy. The Tuffy is a better quality, so if you’re going to put something real important like a gun in it, then get the Tuffy. For me is was just as good though, I’m not putting anything extremely important in it. It costs a lot less too.

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